Friday Funday XVI

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

And don’t forget, I’ll be in Hawaii until the 26th!

Chuck Lorre Vanity Cards []

If you’ve ever watched Dharma & Greg or Two and a Half Men, you’ve likely seen that screen at the end of the credits with a big title that says, “Chuck Lorre Productions” with a ton of tiny text underneath it. At the end of the show, each production company gets what’s called a vanity card, and Chuck Lorre decided to have some fun with his. Each episode of aforementioned shows (both Chuck Lorre productions) has a unique vanity card with a special message from Chuck. This site has them all online and includes little insider explanations from (presumably) Chuck himself.

Guess the Dictator/Sit-Com Character []

I thought I’d be clever and try to fool this thing. As it turns out, I was person 997 to choose Alice Kramden from The Honeymooners. I then tried Chief Wild Eagle from F Troop and it turns out I was only the 10th person to try him. I then went on to stump it twice. I can’t believe I haven’t seen this thing sooner.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Preview []

You didn’t know they were making a new one, did you (okay, Kris, I’m sure =you= already knew)? Well they are and Johnny Depp is playing Willie Wanka. Not too bad, in my opinion. I just hope Tim Burton has a good reason for that kitschy 1960s motif. I have to warn you, though, that this preview has an infectious song attached to it, so if you get it stuck in your head, try getting it out with Maim That Tune, a site specially designed to put a different annoying song in your head. Hey, did you hear about how one of the workers dropped a $540,000 camera lens in a vat of chocolate?

The Most Hated Advertising Techniques []

An interesting summary of a 2004 study conducted by John Boyd from Yahoo! and Christian Rohrer from eBay to determine how users perceive online advertising. Hate popups? Join the other 95% of us.

Fake Engagement Ring As Guy-Repellent []

I had this idea so long ago. Morah and I were going to get a fake engagement ring so that people (landlords and such) would take us more seriously and not just write us off as an unreliable couple of kids. Does anyone else think this article sounds like it’s completely fake? There are just too many “weird” details (the description of her ideal ring, the adjectives she uses to describe the guys that hit on her, et cetera). Is that weird for the New York Post? I’ve never really read it before. Fuck the Post, I read the Times.

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