Friday Funday XXIX

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Blink O Rama []

A photoblog of celebrities caught “mid-blink”.

Web of Letters []

Now a handy tool for making ransom notes via the Yahoo API. Be sure to check out this guy’s other tools.

amaztype []

A funky Flash “utility” along the same ilk as the Web of Letters, except that this one uses Amazon Web Services to create an author/actor/director’s name using the books/music/videos they’ve made/appeared in (you get the idea). It’s pretty cool, if completely useless. Be sure to click on the individual titles to see more info about each one (a =very= cool feature).

andy46477 Leaves Hilarious eBay Feedback []

And it seems like he doesn’t even complete most of the transactions. Sadly, he’s no longer a member, but his feeback lives on.

Plustech (A John Deere Company) []

Okay, first person to buy me Plustech’s walking machine becomes my best friend for life. Be sure to check out the aptly named futuristic sketches.

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