Friday Funday XXVI

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week.

Transparent Toaster []

“A toaster made of glass, which celebrates toasting in a glowing and shining way that makes us look forward to enjoy a fresh piece of toast.” Poorly designed Flash interface warning.

The Somerville Gates and Hargo Day []

And we all thought Christo’s “The Gates” was full of hype. Now Geoff Hargadon’s “The Somerville Gates” (a parody of Christo’s famous Central Park… Installation… Thing) is receiving national attention. Hargadon (who now goes by the more pompous, “Hargo”), even has his own pseudo-holiday. As Somerville’s mayor put it: “Hargo Day was established to also recognize the human capacity for appreciation, wonder, and awe that can be achieved when small plastic things are arranged in a certain order near and around a cat.”

Maxim Magazine Supports the Creative Commies []

Are terrorists taking over a mall a metaphor for Big Copyright, with their DRM gun to the head of the commons? A recent article in Maxim Magazine sneaks in a little nod to us Creative Commies via a Copyleft shirt.

Voodoo Knife Rack []

Too cool.

And to top it all off:

Hamster-Powered MIDI Sequencer []

I’m not joking. Levy Lorenzo, a student (or alum) of Cornell, built a three note polyphonic MIDI sequencer controlled by hamsters. Two critters per channel; one for melody, the other for rhythm.

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