Friday Funday XXXI

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Friday Funday brings you some fun and interesting links from my travels around the internet during the previous week. []

Dihydrogen Monoxide website. This site is =SO= useful for when you need to convince someone that their water is poisoned. (Go Fuck Yourself dot com) []

A nice little site that you can point people to when you want them to know they’re bothering you. The simple URL doesn’t give away the surprise in store for your mark. Back when the Paris Hilton shit hit the fan, one guy recorded his prank calls to a bunch of celebs. In one, he posed as an employee of T-Mobile and suggested that the famous fathead visit for info on how to change his phone number.

April Fool’s Site []

A site with a number of stories about April Fool’s exploits and tomfoolery. Some good ideas here, though the site is pretty poorly designed.

UPDATE: I’ve just learned that this site is down. They probably exceeded their xfer, so check back in a few days.

Google News April Fool’s Day Search []

A Google News search about April Fool’s Day pranks. Now you can stay up to date with pranks pulled the world over. To see Google’s own little April Fool’s day joke, visit the Gmail login page If..Else Log.

UPDATE: Looks like Google has another little joke out there: Google Gulp.

Wikipedia: April Fool’s Day []

It’s better to pull pranks if you know why you’re pulling them. Wikipedia comes through with the history of April Fool’s day, as well as a list of well-known pranks.

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  1. What was the joke on the GMail log-in page?

  2. They were rolling out their “infinity+1” storage plan. They had a little graph and everything. I’ll have to see if I can find it.

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