Get it first, then get it right.

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I was driving home today and I saw a homeless man on the side of the road. There was nothing terribly special about this guy, he looked scrubby, he was standing where homeless people often do, and he had the obligatory cardboard sign that requested food and funds. In fact, it was his sign that set him apart in my mind. There was nothing clever written on it. The only thing textual that set it apart from other signs was that there was a lot more writing than usual. It had a few peace signs drawn on it, though I’m unclear as to their desired effect. Rather, it was the way the man was holding the sign that caught my eye and made me feel truly sorry for him. Bless his poor heart, he was holding it upside-down.

I also realized that I missed work this morning. For some reason, I was assigned a random morning shift. 7-9 in the morning. Nothing too bad, but certainly out of the ordinary. The shift was my only scheduled one today, but I forgot about it until about two this afternoon. Can you really blame me, though? All I ever work is four to midnight on any given day and all of a sudden I have a single morning shift. There aren’t any other morning shifts on my schedule for over a month. So of course it’s easy for someone (namely someone with ADD such as myself) so forget about it. Not on purpose, mind you. I feel bad; when I wrote it down I tried to make a note in my mind to remember it. To my credit, I did remember it. Sadly, I remembered about seven hours too late. Speaking of the news…

Get it first, then get it right. That’s the rule of thumb when reporting the news. At least, that’s what everyone around my news station says. It’s a rule that we seem to follow quite closely. We did a story about a man in Seattle who fell to his death at the new Seahawks stadium. Then we teased it as a man who jumped to his death. Now we’re back to saying he fell. And that’s just one example of erroneous information that gets reported all the time. So next time you’re watching the news, just remember that the ‘facts’ you hear may be nothing more than hearsay.

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