God Bless eBay

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Okay, this is quite disturbing. A guy in Des Moins, IA is selling the following on eBay:

“Want to reach a large audience in a unique fashion. Advertise on my scalp. I am currently attending Iowa State University and I am willing to put a tattoo advertisement on my head. My head is already shaved, and in good shape. Plenty of room to get creative. I will endorse your service or product, for the right price, everywhere I go. I could reach a minimum of 250 people a day just by sitting in class. I guarantee that people will be reached. Think of the cost of a stationary billboard for one year. Now imagine a walking advertisement, able to reach multitudes in a unique way. All I ask is that the tattoo be something that I could wear in church (i.e. no vulgarity or offensive material). I am a pretty wild guy so we could be inventive.”

Opening bids start at $100,000.00.

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