Hacking the Apple Store

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So, Kris and I are here in the Apple Store in U-Village (I mean, I’m =literally= writing this in the store) and Kris just found a nifty little exploit. So here to explain it, is Kris:

I just wanted to show Thomas the Terminal app in OS X, but they removed it from the demo accounts on their machines. Simple fix: just restart the computer holding down Apple-S and BAM. Not only do you get to access Unix, but you also get ROOT access. Mwa. I wish I knew more deadly commands.

So yeah, Kris is 1337. That or the Apple Store employees are lamerz. Or both.

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  1. Dave

    Option three: that the fundamental tenet of computer security is supported by yet another empirical test: if you have physical access to the machine, it might as well be yours, because there’s nothing anyone can do to keep you out. (Sorry, can’t help commenting, have had too much of a focus on cybersecurity the last few quarters. 🙂 )

    Should have done an ‘rm -fr /’ while you were there…

    (Found your blog through Phoenix’s blog…)

  2. Actually, as soon as he got root access, Kris did start typing that command, to which we both laughed our asses off.

    It should be mentioned that we restarted a second computer using the same method and just left it like that. So who knows what happened.

    I appreciate your comments, Dave. Feel free to post them anytime. -)

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