Happy Anniversary ALLO!

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It’s the one year anniversary of A Life Less Ordinary today, and boy are they ever celebrating in France! Okay, okay, so the party in France is because of Bastille Day, but it’s fun to pretend.

I’m very pleased with the sight. In the twelve months that the site has existed, I’ve taken over 600 pictures for it. Wow, that’s almost two pictures per day. Cool. What next? Well, as you can see, Allo-Vision is one of the projects I’m working on. You may be wondering what Allo-Vision is, but I’m not going to let you know just yet. Just make sure you keep checking the site for details. I’m also working on a ‘high-tech’ version that will feature .png graphics (which will enable images to load a lot faster). What else? I might work on some advertising to generate interest in the site and schwag may become available in the near future. Also, I’ve got another fun project on the way that I’ll introduce in a few months once I get the details all worked out, so keep an eye out for that. And of course, more pictures! I’m also working on getting some audio and video clips to add to the site.

While I was driving around yesterday I was thinking that I should have planned a party for ALLO’s anniversary. I think I might try to throw one next week, and if I do I’ll take some pictures for it. Oh, I was also thinking about hooking up the webcam so that you could watch the party live. I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

While I was driving I also saw a homeless guy with a sign that read, “Be cool. I’m in the Heat. Help? =)” And yes, it did have a smiley (not one like that, though. More like the classic t-shirt style smiley). I was sitting at the light and I looked over and read the sign and started laughing. The homeless guy was looking at me and he started laughing too. I told him that I liked his sign and he just smiled. I felt bad that I didn’t have anything to give to him. Oh well.

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