Happy Birthday Helvetica

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In case you missed it (I did), the font Helvetica turned 50 years old yesterday.

You may be wondering why I’m excited about the birthday of a font. The simple answer is that I’m a geek, and that’s really the sort of thing that geeks get excited about. The slightly more in-depth answer (the “ah ha”) is that I’m a graphic designer (well, web designer, but it’s not a far cry from graphic designer) by trade, so fonts play a large part of my life.

To mark Helvetica’s gold anniversary, filmmaker Gary Hustwit has put together a documentary about the font, which bears its name. It will be playing in Seattle on 1 August; a Wednesday, of course. Perhaps work will let me telecommute.

The Museum of Modern Art in New York has an exhibit about the font that runs through the end of March. Hey Kris, want to take that trip to New York that we keep talking about?

There’s also an interesting article about Helvetica on the BBC News website.

I do wish I would have known about this yesterday so that I could have proudly worn my awesome Hel Fucking Vetica T-shirt.

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