Hello, I’m a Mac. And a PC.

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I’ve used PCs for so long that I can’t remember the first time.

My dad had an IBM PC XT, and I can remember playing games from Big Blue Disk. I remember watching him use XTreeGold (how many of my readers remember XTree?). I remember DOS commands, which are still useful, and even fun (mostly because other peoples’ eyes grow wide and they ask what you’re doing. Leaving a Windows machine in a full-screen DOS shell creates much confusion for those who don’t know how to close it).

The first computer I ever purchased ran Windows 95, and since then, each new computer ran some version of Windows. As I have previously pointed out, this is fantastically convenient for reasons relating to both hardware and software. Not since the Apple IIe I got from my grandfather ended its service to me about 15 years ago have I owned an Apple computer.

Last night, I bought two of them.

Morah hasn’t had her own computer since her iMac finally bit the dust about three years ago. I guess all that moving in and out of dorms in college finally took its toll. Her new iMac will be a beautiful 20-inch model. As for me, I’ve wanted to return to the Mac OS for years. With evil Vista creeping its way through the PC world like a virus, it was clear to me that the time to switch teams has come. I look forward to the arrival of my top-of-the-line 24-inch beauty.

I expect them to show up mid to late next week. Morah and I can’t wait!

This doesn’t mean that I’ll be throwing out all of my PCs, however. As a web designer, I’ll need to check my pages on various browsers and on both operating systems. Plus, the laptop I have is a PC, and it’s mighty convenient. So while I’ll have a big, beautiful Macintosh sitting at my desk, I’ll also have a PC sitting next to it, and one on the coffee table.

Can you tell I love computers?

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  1. Yay! Don’t forget about Parallels/VMware – you can simply run windows inside of OS X, rather than having to keep your PC tower. 🙂

  2. Oops, “windows” = “Windows”. Proper nouns are for suckers.

  3. Except that some hardware requires it. But otherwise, you’re right!

  4. Actually, about the only DOS I know is how to get back into Windows 🙂

    And I keep threatening Leo that our next computer will be a Mac because I’m so stinkin’ tired of viruses. This laptop I’m on now is actually doing pretty good so far…but I’m not holding my breath!

  5. Welcome to the dark side!

  6. boo

    I love them too. I also have my PC sitting next to the Mac. I don’t engage in those whose better arguments but boy, when a true believer of one finds out that I also use the other it’s hard to get out of the fray.

    That said, with the Mac I have not had near the problems as with Windows and have learned so much more.

    Congrats on your new big screen baby coming in soon!

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