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Well tonight wasn’t that hot of a night at the radio station. I kept screwing things up. At least this time none of my music was missing and I was able to assist everyone who called in. Well, things are going well with my webpage. I’m learning all sorts of cool new CSS tricks. CSS is some good stuff. Fresh blueberries on vanilla ice-cream are good too. Yummy… Ooh! And I found out that Manu Chau has a new album out! I’m aiming to get it tomorrow (if Hastings has it).

I keep getting all these credit card applications in the mail. I hate credit cards. But I’m starting to think that I should get one just in case. I like being able to type without looking at the keyboard. Qwerty is fun, but Dvorak is better. I wish I knew Dvorak. That would mean that I could type a lot fast than I do now =and= no one else would be able to use my keyboard. I could just leave all the keys in Qwerty and set the map to be Dvorak. That would really confuse people! That’s a good trick, by the way. If you can do it at a library, public computer lab (or cyber cafe), or even your friend’s computer, try to find a Dvorak keyboard map and set the keyboard to Dvorak instead of Qwerty. That’ll confuse the hell out of people when they try to send an e-mail!

A Life Less Ordinary is coming along. I’m collecting pictures for it and I hope to have a version of it up soon. The problem is I need a place to host it. I’d like to do it from my server, but I can’t get my server running until someone can explain to me how to do it. Even then I’d need a new URL. I own www.minimumwageproductions.com, but that’s a crappy name to have to type in. I wanted to buy www.alifelessordinary.com, but someone already owns it. And it’s lame. I suggest you e-mail the owner and tell them it’s lame. Their ownership of the site is due to terminate on 2002-04-18 13:46:22 UTC according to a WHOIS I ran at the site with which they registered, so perhaps I’ll ask to buy it from them if they haven’t done anything with it by then. Who know, they might not ever re-register it and I’ll just be able to register it without going through them!

EDIT: Previous owner’s eMail address removed. -TJB 9 August 2004

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