How Many Cops Does It Take…

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Last night, as I was driving home from work at one in the morning, I saw that about 10 cop cars had managed to pull over one vehicle. It was a white lowrider, probably a Honda or Toyota. All the cops had their lights on and their headlamps aimed at this other car. I like to take pictures of cops doing things, so I pulled over (a little ways away) and start to get out with the camera. That’s when I realized that I parked right near some other cops who were sitting off to the side for some reason. The driver started to get out, but when he saw I wasn’t going over to him, he sat back down. I walked into a position that would allow me to take a picture (from about 100 yards away) and the driver cop put his spotlight on me (I’m still not sure if he did that to see what I was doing or to try and get me to stop taking the picture). I took the picture (but it wasn’t very good, you don’t get the full effect) and I turned to walked back to my car. The cop kept the light on me so I looked right at him with an expression that said, ‘you going to keep that light on me all night?’ He extinguished the lamp and pretended not to care what I was doing. As such, I used extra care to drive away obeying every traffic law I could think of (since they’d probably have enjoyed giving me a ticket. Our cops get bored easily. That’s why it took 10 cars to pull over one civilian).

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