How to Eat Fried Brains

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I had a whole bunch of stuff I was going to blog about, but my brain is so fried from sitting here messing about online all day that I can’t remember what it all was.

I do remember that yesterday I read Phoenix’s post about the Mega-Typhoon in Japan and thought, “not too likely we’ll hear about it on the news.” As it turns out, I was wrong. I only watch the news in the morning, so I don’t know if they mentioned it last night, but this morning’s news cast mentioned that a whole bunch of people died in it. They neglected to mention, however, that it was a Mega-Typhoon, opting for the less exciting “Typhoon”.

I spent a lot of time this morning (by a lot of time, I mean at least three solid hours) of reading and commenting on other people’s blogs. I think attracting readers is a bit like getting mail. Everyone want the joy of opening up that mail box and finding a letter inside, but chances are that you won’t unless you write one to someone else first. In thinking along those lines, I visited a whole bunch of websites today in the hopes that, upon reading my comments, the authors (or readers) of the blogs would feel compelled to visit my website and read my blog. Perhaps they’ll even leave comments (not that I really need them to leave comments for me to know that people came, but it does help me to know that they actually read the blog and maybe even comprehended it).

One of the things that disappoints me somewhat is that I wrote some pretty long and, in my opinion, well written comments (mostly in rebuttal to what other people had said). I should have copied those comments and pasted them here. I’ll have to go find them all again later.

For now, I’m going home. It’s already after three o’clock. Don’t forget, Friday Funday tomorrow!

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