How to get a $5 burger for $3.

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Remember how I said I was going to meet an old friend while in Moscow? Well I did. When I first met her four years ago, I thought she was hot. Nothing could have possibly prepared me for seeing her again. Holy hell. Now, four years later, hot doesn’t begin to describe how breathtakingly beautiful she is. And she’s more than just physically attractive, she’s got a great personality, too. You know how most attractive girls are bitches? Not this chick. It was cool to see how alike we both are in terms of our likes and dislikes, as well as the way we think. Certain people are going to read this and I’m going to be in trouble…

Speaking of the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, it was awesome (of course). I got to meet Terry Gibbs (the premiere vibes player in the world and all-around nice guy). I don’t think I blogged about it, but about two weeks ago I did an interview with him on the phone for the radio station. We saw a lot of really famous people such as (in no particular order) Lou Rawls, Hank Jones, Jeff Hamilton, Wally ‘Gator’ Watson, Bucky Pizzarelli (=WAY COOL=), Russel Malone, Lewis Nash, Roy Hargrove, Evelyn White, John Clayton, Benny Green, Mansound, Kenny Barron, Ernie Andrews, Eldar Djangirov (simply amazing), and many more. It was fun to be able to go backstage and meet the performers. Perhaps next year I’ll have my new camera (hopefully I’ll be able to go next year!).

And finally, one other somewhat disconnected thought:

Last night I went back to KREM to shoot some stuff for our current project. On our way home, Aaron (the director) and I were both hungry, so we decided to go to Jack in the Box. Trouble is, they only take cash or cheque, of which I had neither. Aaron had about $3.06, so the guy at the register did his best to get me a Sourdough Jack. Here’s what happened:

He rings up a Big Cheeseburger, so we’re at $0.99. Then he removes the American cheese and substitutes in Swiss; no additional charge there. He adds tomato; no charge. He subs sourdough bread; add $0.29. He adds bacon; add $0.49. And what’s a meal without a drink? Tack on one kid’s sized drink for $0.99, add 8% sales tax, and you get a total of $2.98. Bear in mind, the Sourdough Jack alone costs $2.99. Talk about budget shopping, I will forever on order this when I go into a Jack in the Box. As always, individual results may vary. I have no idea if this will work again, but I intend to find out.

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