How to Get A Week Off From Work

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My parents were out of town this past weekend and I happened to be over at their house on Saturday (Morah wanted me to hoover out the car, plus I had to check on the cats). I went down to get the central vac hose out of the utility room in the basement, only to find the water all over the floor. Turns out the water pump on the central air unit wasn’t pumping water, so the reservoir filled and overflowed.

I spent a couple of hours cleaning it up and afterward, my back hurt, so when I got home I did my traction, hoping to push my spine back into place.

When I tried to get up, the pain in my lower back was unbearable and I screamed out in pain. Morah came running in to see what was the matter. She helped me get the foam block out from under my back, and in so doing I rolled onto my side, which caused even more pain. So there I was, on my side on the floor, grabbing onto the bed, trying not to move because no matter what I did my back was killing me, and screaming out in pain. It was scary.

It took about an hour to get me from the bedroom into the bathroom, then back into the bedroom.

Since then, I’ve been laid up on the couch, unable to do much of anything. I can’t work, because I can’t sit up long enough to edit. I can work on my laptop, but only because I can use it laying down. I have to ice my back for thirty minutes every two waking hours and the only pain killers I have are naproxen sodium.

My chiropractor is out of town this week, but luckily his son, also a chiropractor, is in town and has been helping me out. This afternoon, he told me to expect not to go into work until Monday, which sucks, because I have work to do (apart from my weekly work). I feel bad because we’re already down one person and I know there’s plenty to do. Still, I’d rather miss one week of work and heal properly, as opposed to going back to work, hurting myself further, and having to miss even more work.

Thankfully, my chiropractor says it’s not serious enough to require surgery, so here’s to hoping that I get better soon.

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