Hydrocodone Finds A Voice

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Well, I’ve checked the back of my throat and I’m seeing less white and more pink, which means the scabs are coming off! Woo-hoo! That’s the good news. The bad news is that so far, tonight has been hell. I just took more meds about ten minutes ago and they’ve kicked in, so I feel okay for now. I just hope I can manage to get a decent night’s sleep because tomorrow is the big day! Morah is coming to Spokane with her parents to do some last-minute Christmas shopping and I’m going to meet up with her at the mall. Then we’re going to go back to my place make love…er, lunch. -) Hee hee. That’s the meds talking. We’re making lunch for my family tomorrow. We’re going to have avocado-brie burgers. It should be cool because the avocado and brie cheese are going to be inside the burger patties when we cook them, so you’ll bite into it and get a tasty surprise! I’ve never done this before, so I hope it turns out well. My friends and family are my favourite guinea-pigs to test my recipes out on.

In other news, the muscles in my neck continue to hurt for no reason. I’ve tried several combinations of pillows, even a few that included my father’s goose-down pillow; all to no avail. Sometimes the pain of everything hurts all at once so much that I want to cry. Usually the only reason I don’t is because I’m afraid it will hurt more. I’ve been trying hard to be strong and brave in the face of this pain. I just try to tell myself that I’m stronger than the pain and that I will prevail. But sometimes I just want to give up. The meds only work for about two hours, then the pain comes back. The last hour is usually hell. Then I take the meds (which burn my throat going down and taste so bad I usually have the urge to throw up) and the whole four-hour process starts again. When it’s at its peak for pain, everything hurts. My throat, my neck, my ears, my head, my eyes, my neck. It’s all pretty bad.

Oh! My bowels moved for the first time since the day before the operation. I know you didn’t need to know that, but it’s kind of a big deal since I’ve been very interested to know when this was going to happen. See, I’ve been eating solid foods. Not regularly, but there have been days where I’ve eaten them. I kept wondering why I never pooped it out. Well, today I did. And boy did it hurt. I won’t describe it, but suffice to say that it did what all poop does when it gets old: it gets quite firm.

There’s one last bit of news that I wanted to share with you today. Well, yesterday, but by the time I publish this it will be the day after I wanted to… You know what, nevermind. The last little thing I wanted to share was a story that my mom told me about while we were shopping for groceries this evening. Here’s my version of the article:

DONA VISTA, FLORIDA — The drivers of two Ford Mustangs raced each other down State Road 19, a small-town highway about 45 miles northwest of Orlando, at speeds of well over 100 mph. One, 21 year-old Dwight Samples, had owned his car for less than two weeks. Suddenly, a slower-moving car appeared ahead, out of nowhere. Unable to swerve, Samples plowed into the back of the car, killing the two women inside. Samples, was airlifted to Orlando Regional Medical Center with wounds suffered when his head went through the Mustang’s windshield. He underwent surgery and was in stable condition. A toxicology test was given to Samples, but there is no indication that he was under the influence. Florida Highway Patrol records show Samples had been stopped for speeding four times in the past four years, including once for driving 85 mph in a 55 mph zone.

Later, Samples learned that the women he killed were his mother, Diane Samples, 45, and her friend, Vivian Green, 72. They had been driving around to look at Christmas lights. Troopers are searching for the driver of the other Mustang.

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