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So I got my tonsils out yesterday. Boy, was that ever interesting. It was terrible! The woman who was inserting the IV tried my left hand twice and failed both times (on account of my tough skin and the fact that I was nervous). It hurt a lot which didn’t help at all. She got another nurse to come over to do the right hand. The second nurse got it on the first try, but between hands I started to get light-headed and I almost passed out. It was not okay. A little while later they took me into the O.R. and laid me out on the table. The anesthesiologist put a mask on my face and told me it was oxygen, but then it started to smell funny, so I knew they were trying to knock me out. It was making it hard to breathe (especially since I felt like the funny-smelling stuff was being forced into my lungs), but I knew I needed to breathe it in, so there was this huge fight between my body and my brain. The next thing I know, I’m waking up in a bed somewhere else. It wasn’t too bad, actually. I was =really= groggy at first, but I started coming out of it fairly quickly.

After I got home, I slept for a good portion of the day. I’m still quite tired now. I’ve managed water, Gatorade, applesauce, little peach cubes, Otter Pops and a generic brand of popsicle. And my liquid medication, of course. My throat doesn’t actually hurt that much, but the doctor said the swelling and pain should peak within 36hrs, so we’ll see what happens. It’s not fair that I don’t get to eat anything. My favourite channel is Food Network and I was looking through a new issue of Food & Wine. I’m frickin’ hungry. Oh well, at least my tonsils will never bother me again.

The doctor said that once he got them out, it was good that we did because they were starting to swell again and I would have gotten sick again. He also said there was minimal bleeding, so that’s good. I can’t really thingk of anything else to say about it. I would have gotten pictures for ALLO, but I didn’t think about it until the night before and I didn’t feel comfortable asking a nurse to do it the day of. It seemed like something that should have been planned out before hand.

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