Jim West Sex Scandal

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In case you hadn’t heard, despite its being national news, Spokane mayor Jim West has been in hot water lately because of accusations of child molestation that supposedly happened over twenty-five years ago. Now the mayor has admitted that he’s gay, despite his many previous efforts to pass legislation that would restrict rights for homosexuals. As I’ve always said, those who are most homophobic are, to quote Lisa Simpson, “usually covering their own latent homosexuality.”

To commemorate this event, I have created a CafePress shop with some choice Jim West schwag. All proceeds will be donated to the Morning Star Boys’ Ranch, where Mayor West was (until a few days ago) on the board of directors. It also happens to be where the alleged molestation took place.

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  1. I thought Jim West was Batman? Wait, no, that’s ridiculous. ADAM West was Batman. What was I thinking?

    Jim West was Will Smith, and Artemus Gordon was Kevin Kline. Now I remember.

    I feel so isolated from the news back home…

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