JREF Million Dollar Challenge To End

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For 10 years, the James Randi Educational Foundation has offered $1 million to anyone who can prove, under controlled, observable conditions, that they have supernatural abilities. Many people have tried to take the test and every one of them has failed.

James Randi has decided that, after 10 years, the test has proven its point: that no one in the world actually has supernatural abilities. It has been decided that making the money would better serve JREF if it were available for other projects.

Delusional Hopeful mystics still have time to apply, however. Although the end of the challenge has been announced, it won’t officially be over until 6 March 2010. Despite the fact that there are still 2 years left to apply, I doubt we’ll see anything that 10 years couldn’t provide. I think the reason for that is simple enough: no one has supernatural abilities.

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  1. I love the fact that this exists (or did exist). I wish I had loads of cash so I could literally put my money where my mouth was. Oh, to be snarky AND rich!

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