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Last Saturday, Mike, Emily, Morah, and I went to see Dick Dale perform at the Festival at Sandpoint.

Holy crap.

Second only to the Rolling Stones as most kickass concert I’ve ever been to, Dick Dale can shred. He pointed out that there was a limit to how loud and crazy he could get and suggested that everyone come see him in a venue where he could really “make your ears bleed.”

I’ve loved surf music ever since I found one of my dad’s records from the ’50s that had a bunch of different artists on it. Classics like Let’s Go Tripping, Surf Rider, Rumble, Walk Don’t Run, and Miserlou have always been able to make me smile and bob my head. So when Morah told me that Dick Dale was coming to the Festival, we had to go. With the passing of Link Wray back in November, I knew that we couldn’t afford to miss this show.

That’s one of the problems with liking music from the previous generation; many of the artists don’t give concerts anymore. Often because they’re dead. Which is really sad.

Thankfully, Dick Dale is alive, well, and still bitchin’ (as he puts it). He also had his 14 year old son, Jimmy, with him. Holy hell, that boy can play. In fact, for a good part of Miserlou, Dick wasn’t playing at all; he was just bowing down to the next generation of rippin’ guitar. They had a fun rapport with one another on-stage, and it’s clear that there’s a lot of love between them. I think it’s really cool that they can tour around together.

After the concert (which was so awesome! Did I mention that before?), Dick and Jimmy hung around to autograph stuff. They were both really nice and Dick seemed genuinely pleased when I told him that it was an honor to meet him.

I wanted to get a picture with them, but the draconian security guards wouldn’t let me (even though I was already prepared and wasn’t asking them to sign anything, which would have taken just as long). I was able to snap one picture during the show, which I think says all you need to know anyway.

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  1. I should point out that the other guy in the picture is not Jimmy. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get a good picture of Jimmy.

  2. Was it just me, or did you think that Jimmy was a better drummer then guitar player? Not to say he can’t play guitar (he was amazing), but his drum solo kicked major ass.

    Also, my dad has heard of Dick Dale and his son, and was very happy when I gave him the autographed ticket stub.

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