Kris’s Computer Woes

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kriskarlb (10:43:42 AM): So…I’m walking out of work the other day talking on my cell phone, PowerBook slung over my shoulder. And…oh, there’s some ice. Cell phone goes flying into the street, PowerBook slams into the sidewalk.
mwproductions12 (10:44:19 AM): And you look like an ass?
kriskarlb (10:44:28 AM): An ass with a sad laptop, yeah.
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  1. Why must you make me cry like that? I’m at work; it’s embarrassing.

    You don’t even say if the laptop pulled through or not.

  2. It did and it didn’t. The continuation of the story is that it needed to be repaired, but that the repairs didn’t cost Kris very much money.

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