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“I grew up in a county that contained Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine, and Coast Guard bases, so I am not foreign to the sites and sounds of war machines. But to see the Blackhawk helicopters hovering near my Soho home was disorienting. The garbage is piling up. NYC produces vast amounts of waste every day; since the closing of the Freshkills landfill, the trash has been trucked out to disposal sites in other states. With all (it seems) of the city garbage trucks in use at the attack site, there is no trash pick-up right now. So, our basement stairs have become jammed with the bags that would have been picked up by now. I’m mildly annoyed that our off-site superintendent hasn’t bothered to move them down the stairs to the air shaft. But that’s to be expected even during better times here in NYC, where most buildings aren’t maintained as well as they are legally supposed to be. I’m hoping that garbage collection will resume after the streets in this area open back up tomorrow. I will be going out again to walk the dog before I head to bed. I am still hoping to get a call from one of the 4 volunteer places I called my name in to. I would be perfectly happy to be on one of the bucket brigades that is moving rubble by hand away from the collapse sites. I have been trying to find some paper masks that we bought a few years ago, but I can’t remember where we put them, or if I might have thrown them away. I’ve also been looking for the pairs of goggles that I bought for my chemistry labs in undergrad. Funny how you always think that you can buy something when you need it. I don’t even have a first aid kit. I’m thinking that an emergency kit would be a very smart thing to have around in the future. Bandages, antiseptics, duct tape, dust masks, latex and work gloves… A pair of steel-toe boots is also looking like a good thing to have around. I don’t think that my insulated winter boots would fit the bill.”


Alumni, Punahou School

(contact information withheld upon request)

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