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“As most of you know, I’m in NYC. I’m okay. I was asleep, and woke at ~10:30 to the sound of my fiance, Frank, coming through the front door. Although physically okay, I think he’ll be having nightmares for awhile. He was there, coming out of the Borders at the WTC when the first plane hit. He saw the second one hit. He saw people jumping from the towers. When the stampede starting, he grabbed elderly people and others and put them behind post boxes, light posts, anything, to keep them from being trampled. By the time he got to his office 6 blocks away, he was covered with soot. I am so glad that I was asleep. Cell phone service is out, as is much of the phone service downtown, and circuits are busy all over. I cannot imagine how I would have freaked had I known about this and not been able to contact Frank. I called the director of the hospital volunteer program I just started at to tell her I could not come in, and found out then that nearly all non-emergency medical services around the city have been cancelled.We are 2 blocks above the evacuation zone. There used to be a view of the towers from my street, now there is nothing but a ghost created by smoke and memories. There is no traffic, and all the shops are closed. Many pedestrians are milling about outside or walking north. The air is clear and cool, but smells like a wood fire even though we are upwind. I am so frustrated that I cannot do more. I am wishing wishing wishing that I had already completed medical school, and could go to one of the overflowing hospitals to help. The most I can do is donate blood, but lines at hospitals are long, and donor information numbers are unreachable.

“Through the smoke, the skeleton of what is left looks like a ship sunk in deep, murky waters. This is so unreal.”


Alumni, Punahou School

(contact information withheld upon request)

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