More Fun at Silverwood

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Last August, I went to Silverwood Theme Park, rode roller coasters for the first time, and had a blast.

This year, I went again and had yet more fun.

I rode on all of the roller coasters again, but this time, the big attraction was the new thrill ride, Panic Plunge. Panic Plunge is a 140 foot vertical drop tower that sends rider plummeting toward the ground in a free fall approaching 50 mph. Here’s a video of me riding on it (both of these videos were shot on my hacked CVS disposable):

While waiting in line for Timber Terror, I noticed this grammatically incorrect sign:

It was a long day and we had lots of fun. That’s about all I have to report about Silverwood, except that most of their staff is pretty rude. I asked one girl if working there eventually caused everyone to become bored and apathetic and she said yes. There were a couple of people whose attitudes were uplifting (I think the girl operating the carousel was flirting with either me or Morah).

I’d like to build some sort of chest harness for my CVS camera so that I can wear it and ride the roller coasters. I know POV videos of the Silverwood roller coasters is already out there, but I know I can make something better. Next year, perhaps. -)

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  1. Wait, back up…last year was the first time you EVER rode on ANY roller coaster??? I know you’re younger than me, but my goodness, you poor neglected child! You’re halfway through your prime roller coaster years! (I fear that I am nearing the end of mine, sadly).

    Could you explain what a “hacked CVS disposable” is? Are you saying you figured out a way to reuse a disposable video camera??

  2. That looks like so much fun!! I can’t wait to try it out!

  3. The only roller coaster I had been on prior to last year (that I can remember. Perhaps I’m blocking out traumatic memories) was one of the crappy, little kid roller coasters, which don’t count.

    But now that I know I like them, I plan to ride many more. Do you know of any good ones that I should try out?

    And yes, I hacked one of those disposable video cameras. They say you can’t hook them up to your computer, but that’s a load of bollocks. This website has tons of information on how to hack both the camcorder and the digital still camera (from CVS and Rite-Aid, apparently).

    There’s a Rite-Aid across the street and I know they have the disposable video cameras, but from everything I’ve read, there’s a new version out that has yet to be hacked. So if you’re going to go out and buy with plans to hack it, keep that in mind. Also, hooking the camera up to the computer requires soldering a cable, which may or may not be “worth it” (I think it is).

  4. Good roller coasters? Well, I’m out here in the Midwest, and the best ones I’ve been on are the Magnum at Cedar Point in Ohio, and several good ones at Paramount King’s Island. The Beast is pretty classic, but it’s more shaky than high (it’s wooden…the longest wooden roller coaster in existence). But it’s worth going on. I think the best two (that I’ve been on at PKI, anyway) are the Vortex and Flight of Fear, the latter mainly because it goes from 0-60 mph in just four seconds. I kid you not, it made my male friend I was riding with, a former college football quarterback, scream. And no, he’s not the screaming type. One other at PKI I recommend just for fun is trying out the Racer; it has two tracks, one forwards and one backwards. I found the backwards to be not such a big deal, because I think it’s scarier to fall forwards than backwards, and also scarier to see what is coming (why else do people close their eyes when they are scared??). But it’s still fun, at the end of the park day when the lines are waning, to go on it forwards, get off and get right back on again to do it backwards. And then again 🙂

    I think PKI has MORE good roller coasters than Cedar Point, but the Magnum at Cedar Point is the best one I’ve ever been on.

  5. Keke

    Yea they do not have any roller coasters in Hawaii. And TJB grew up in Hawaii. The closest thing would have to be when they had the Punahou carnival or state fair.. But they did not have any good ones. Of course Hawaii has the waves so who needs any thing else? Just don’t go to disney land, they really are deficient.

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