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I really need to start writing down everything I want to post. I can’t remember half the cool shit I was going to pass on to you.

One thing I do remember concerns a topic that almost had me posting a second time yesterday.

I was bored at work (as per usual) and so to pass the time I poked around on other people’s websites (again, as per usual). I visited a site that I hadn’t visited in a long time and found this page. So this Melissa chick will review your site and, if it passes muster, will send you a crappy .gif (that touts your site’s lack of crappiness). The reason we know it’s a crappy .gif is because she has a sample image:

Just above the crappy .gif is a line of text that reads, “I will then examine your site, and if I don’t think it looks like total crap…I’ll e-mail you back…and include all the needed information to put the award on your site.”

This got me wondering what sort of information you would need. Surely she could just e-mail you the crappy .gif and let you deal with it. So I right-clicked on it and brought up its properties. I found that the address for the crappy .gif is as follows:

Wait, award2.gif? Does that mean that finding the real award is as simple as changing the 2 to a 1? No! Of course not! No one is =that= daft. You have to remove the number 2 altogether!

So now, if I wanted to, I could quite easily display the real crappy .gif on my site, like this:

Don’t get me wrong, I like Melissa. She’s got some good ideas, we have a lot in common, and she’s pretty… Well, pretty! But come on, the point of an award is to have to earn it. I didn’t, but it’s on my site anyway (which I don’t think is crappy, but how many people really think that of their own site?).

Oh, and Melissa, if you suddenly wonder why this site is linking to yours and as a result come visit this site, then happen to read this, you should set up an RSS feed for your blog so I can read it with greater frequency (okay fine, I really just want it to be effort-free. Yes, I’m that lazy).

What else?

Porn is in danger of dying (yes, the link really is work-safe). I’m serious and I’m concerned. John Asscroft is trying to shut down internet porn sites by modifying Title 18, Section 2257 of the U.S. Code to require regular inspections of documents that prove models are over the age of 18. The current law only required proof from “primary producers” (photographers, videographers, et cetera). The modifications would affect “secondary producers” (such as anyone who makes porn available, from the webmasters of prominent sites to the users on P2P networks).

It’s widely known that Asscroft has it out for internet porn (wow, that came out humorously wrong) and many people consider this to be a plan to do nothing more than harass people out of business. Before the law can pass, however, the Department of Justice has to consider public comments, so if you love your porn, fight this.

Anyone concerned with improving their website should love the new utility from Michael Fagan. While a bunch of the reports are unavailable to those not signed up for the services that generate them, many of the sites are ones that you should probably sign up for anyway (I should run a Flesh-Kincaid reading test on that last sentence (I just did and it scored a 12, although its Gunning Fog Index was 17)).

And I guess that’s it for now. I have to get home on time as I have an appointment with the chiropractor today (finally! It’s been too long!). So see ya later.

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