Musical Mondays I

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Today marks the start of a new section on my blog, which as you can tell from the title of this post, are called Musical Mondays. On the first Monday of each month, I’ll write a post about some of the music I’ve been listening to lately. Some of the bands will be new and relatively unknown, while others will be well-established. I’ll tell you a little bit about each band and (try to) link to some of their music.

First up, is MGMT. Formerly The Management, this musical duo from Brooklyn is making big waves over in the United Kingdom with what David Marchese of Spin magazine calls “their current brand of shape-shifting psychedelic pop.” The band’s debut album Oracular Spectacular debuted at number twelve on the UK album chart, and although they’ve enjoyed mild success in the United States, I find that a lot of people still don’t really know about them. My favorite song of theirs, Time to Pretend, only made it to 109 on the Billboard chart.

Another great band is The Rumble Strips, whose debut album Girls and Weather was released in September of 2007, despite the current lineup of the band having been together since 2004. Indie rock doesn’t describe the band’s sound terribly well, but reviewer Katherine Fulton does a better job, noting that, in Girls and Weather, “happy melodies coupled with bittersweet lyrics are a running theme.” The whole album keeps me tapping my foot and puts me in a good mood, especially the songs Alarm Clock, Clouds (sorry for the dumb video), and Building A Boat. Even my least favorite song, Motorcycle is one that I like.

Finally, I can’t wait to tell you about French Horn Rebellion, a band so new that at the time of this writing, you can’t buy their album on (you can get it here) and they don’t have a Wikipedia entry. Although I’ve heard very little of their music, it’s safe to say that their style is one I like. It’s sort of like ’80s music that doesn’t suck. Up All Night is a catchy tune, and the video is pretty fun as well. As Graham Linehan says, “anyone who attempts a high-five at the end of a video, misses, and then uses that take is more than all right in my book.” If like me, you can’t get enough of this band, here’s another song of theirs: Broken Heart. Also, check out their MySpace page for tour dates.

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  1. Oh I see, I have a post about music and now you’re making it a monthly feature on your blog. Now if I do it again everyone will say I’m copying you. It is such a curse being a trend setter. :^{)

  2. @Emily – Actually, this is a feature I’ve been planning to add to my site for a few weeks. When I saw your post the other day, I did think about that, though. -)

  3. Sure, sure that’s what they all say. It’s easy to make such claims when you know there’s now way to document intentions. Hmm “Documented Intentions” would be a good name for a band. One day I’ll learn to play enough guitar chords to be in an indie band. That’s like three right? I kind of remember G so I only need two more. Sorry to digress so. My point was if that’s what you want everyone to believe then I guess I’ll accept your whole “I’ve been thinking about it for months” story and just create a competing blog post as soon as I come up with another clever rhyming name for music-and-another-day-of-the-week day. *

  4. How could you be copying him if your post was first?

    Wait, is time linear in this dimension?

    ..looks for his schematics..

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