My Blood Type

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Way back when, I mentioned that Morah drew my blood and I would post the results once she typed me. The results were in ages ago, but the paper she wrote them on kept getting shuffled into piles of stuff on my desk. I’m making a modicum of effort to get (and stay) organised, so I figured I’d post the results now and check that task off of my (figurative) list.

Turns out, I’m an A-positive.

She wrote a bunch more stuff on the paper, but I don’t understand any of it (it’s stuff that she needed to know in order to type me). If you really want to know what it all is, I can get her to write an explanation and post it.

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  1. Hey Cos, We share the same blood type, along with the same blood history. HA

    Oh I would love to know what it all is. On that paper.

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