My Busy Week, An Idea for DST, and The Problem With Bananas

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This week is going to be incredibly busy for me. Today is the only day without a meeting or appointment after work. I guess I’m just getting to be a really popular guy! I’m going to try to keep on blogging every day, but I can’t make any promises.

Today I had an idea for how to make the “spring forward” with Daylight Saving Time more bearable: Instead of springing forward at 2 A.M. on Sunday morning, let’s spring forward at 4 P.M. on Monday, thereby bringing 5 P.M. early!

Bananas are a fantastic fruit. I love bananas, but they have a built-in problem. When you eat a banana, you’re left with the peel, which sits in your garbage can and quickly becomes… Pungent. No, pungent isn’t the right word. Odoriferous. Malodorous. Stinky. And the longer they sit, the worse they smell. It’s a problem, bananas. See a specialist.

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  1. Tom D

    “BANANNA!!!!!!”~ K. Boustedt

  2. One time I hired a monkey to take notes for me in class. I just sat there with my mind a complete blank while the monkey scribbled on little pieces of paper.

    “At the end of the week, the teacher said, ‘Class, I want you to write a paper using your notes.’ So I wrote a paper that said:

    ‘Hello, my name is Bingo, I like to climb on things. Can I have a banana? Eek Eek’

    “I got an F. When I told my mom about it, she said, ‘I told you, never trust a monkey!’

    “The end.”

  3. I was the one who said banana, Tom. I’m surprised you don’t remember, since you’re the one who shot that.

  4. I will, however, freely take credit for the aforementioned “banana” incident. Just sayin’.

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