My Hawaiian Wedding – Part 1

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I finally finished the outline of our trip to Hawaii, wedding, and honeymoon. I could write it all as one entry, but then you’d have to wait even longer to read the story, and it would be longer post ever in the history of blogging. As they stand, all of the posts will be fairly long.

This first part is all about everything leading up to our arrival in Hawaii (yes, enough happened before we even got to Hawaii that it warrants its own post). Our story begins in Seattle.

What? I know, I know, we live in Spokane.

Fine, our story begins in Spokane. We drove over to Seattle. Happy?

Okay, so now that we’re in Seattle, we met up with Kris, Lindy, and Morah’s sister, Brynna. Aaron (a friend from film school) now works at the Mac Store with Kris, so he came with us. We all went out to dinner at an Indian restaurant in a really dodgy part of town. I think Kris said we were in the U-District. All I know is, there were a lot of scary people walking around. There was one shifty guy who was walking around with his dog. The dog wasn’t on a leash, which was making me nervous (I’m moderately cynophobic). However, the dog was extremely well trained and obeyed every garbled command the owner barked.

Once we got into the restaurant, we enjoyed a fantastic meal, complete with mango lassis. While we were eating, this weird guy kept walking back and forth in front of the building. He would walk one way, then, a few minutes later, he’d walk the other way. At one point, Brynna made eye contact with him. The guy got a huge smile on his face, and every time he passed after that, he would look in at us. When it came time to leave, the guy was still hanging around. He was still making passes at regular intervals, so a few seconds after he walked by, we all filed out, hoping to miss him. Unfortunately, his timing wasn’t as reliable as Old Faithful’s, and he was already headed back in our direction. We grouped around Brynna and quickly, but calmly, made our way down the street. The guy was behind us and he was saying something unintelligible. Brynna kept trying to look at him (why, Brynna, why?), so I kept telling her not to. Eventually, the guy crossed the street, but continued to follow us. Finally, we rounded a corner and he went the opposite direction.

Part of what made our time in Seattle extra interesting was that Kris and Lindy were trying to fool us, but Morah and I were also trying to fool them. Back when we first invited Kris and Lindy to our wedding, they thought they wouldn’t be able to come. Shortly before we were supposed to leave, their situation changed for the better, and they were suddenly able to come. They wanted to surprise us by just showing up in Hawaii, and it would have worked if they hadn’t booked with Hawaiian Airlines. They used our Wedding Wings code to get a discount on their tickets, but when they did that, Hawaiian Airlines e-mailed us to let us know. The reason being that if enough people booked using our Wedding Wings code, Morah and I would get bumped up to first class on one of our flights. What really makes it tragic for Kris and Lindy is that we already had already received our upgrade before they booked, so there was no reason for Hawaiian Airlines to let us know about it (although I’m sure it’s an automated process).

When Morah and I got the e-mail, we were totally stunned. Kris and Lindy hadn’t said anything about coming to the wedding, but here was their flight info. We decided not to mention it, just to wait and see what was going on. Mike and Emily knew about it, and when we told them we knew, Emily was secretly relieved (although they didn’t confirm it right away). The four of us stopped by my parents’ house where the whole secret came out.

When I mentioned to my mum that we suspected Kris and Lindy were coming, her jaw hit the ground. “How did you find out?” she asked. We explained what had happened, and she confirmed that it was true. Then she came up with the idea of tricking Kris and Lindy into thinking that we had no idea. So when we were in Seattle, it was hard not to tell them how excited we were, but it was kind of fun, knowing that there would be a big surprise and a lot of laughs later on.

Saying good-bye to them after dinner at the Indian restaurant (remember how we’re in Seattle?) was difficult. I wanted to ham it up a little, but I didn’t want to be suspicious. I had previously thought about how I would react had I not known and attempted to act that out. It seemed to work, but just as I had to wait to find out, so will you (don’t worry, the reveal comes later in this post).

So it was off to bed for Morah, Brynna, and I. The three of us shared a hotel room at the SOMEPLACE FUNKY in SeaTac. It wasn’t the dodgiest place I had ever slept, but it certainly was shifty. It seemed like there was stuff happening outside all night. In fact, I think there was a party going on at the hotel. The next morning I woke up and felt a little funky. I don’t know if it was just that I hadn’t slept very well, or if it was because I had eaten Indian food, or both, but my stomach was kind of upset. No matter what it was, eating Indian food the night before a flight is probably not a good idea.

Getting to the airport, through check-in, and through security went smoothly, even with Morah’s gigantic wedding dress (seriously, this thing is huge). My family met us at the gate a short while later (they had just flown in from Spokane), and Brynna and I went to find her mum and brother, who had flown in from Lewiston. While we were walking to meet them, we passed a store called Fireworks. It’s a cool store (we had shopped in one just the day before in the University Village shopping centre). The store sells all sort of weird art pieces, and the store in the Sea-Tac Airport was no different. One of the things they had for sale there were these metal dog sculptures that were about the size of a large Pomeranian. Metal! With jagged edges and stuff. What the hell? There’s no way that the TSA would ever allow those on the plane (although, at this point, we were past security), so what’s the point of having them there?

The in-flight movie was The Devil Wears Prada. It’s boring and predictable. I guess it could be slightly more interesting if you were really superficial and you cared about designer clothes, but it pretty well bored me. Despite the lousy movie, it was the best flight ever. As part of our fulfillment of the Wedding Wings program, we received four coupons that were good for either free headsets or free liquor. At the beginning of the flight, everyone was given headsets for free (not that it mattered, since Morah and I had adapters that allowed us to use our own headsets), so we opted for free booze. We chose to use all four coupons on this flight because on our next flight, we would be in first class where headsets and liquor are free anyway.

Morah and Brynna each used one coupon and I used the other two (before you accuse me of being unfair, read the rest of the story). Brynna got a beer, Morah got an Irish cream, and I got an Irish cream and a rum. We were handed our tiny liquor, which was pretty cool (and good). It was weird drinking on the plane, as I had never had alcohol on a plane before (then again, I haven’t done much flying since I turned twenty-one). For some reason, the flight attending thought it would a good idea to use a can of apple juice to open Brynna’s beer (I guess he couldn’t find the bottle opener). In attempting to open the beer, he accidentally pierced the can of apple juice, causing it to squirt all over Morah’s face (not a bath, but not just a few drops, either). He apologised, but a while later, he came back with a second beer (already opened) and a cup full of more Irish cream. He apologised again and told them the free booze was to make up for it. I was pretty impressed, because one of the tiny Irish creams only fills about half of the cup, so Morah actually ended up getting three drinks! All I can say is, it truly was a good flight. It even felt really short, which is nice, because flying to Hawaii is boring (hell, traveling anywhere for five hours with nothing to do but sit is boring. For example, driving between Spokane and Seattle on our way to the airport was boring).

I guess I should leave it there for now; this post is already pretty long. In the next post I’ll tell you about how our first hour in Honolulu almost spelled tragedy for the wedding (and for everyone who already knows, please don’t spoil the surprise!). I’ll also tell you about the kick-ass beach house that we stayed in, as well as some of our pre-wedding antics.

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  1. I know why you weren’t feeling well for your flight – it was all the LIES and DECEIT from the night before. Don’t blame your trickery on Indian food…tsk, tsk. 🙂

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