No longer a bridesmaid (or something)

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Remember how I was nominated for Employee of the Month last month, but didn’t win? Well, I was nominated again this month, and this time around I won! Hooray for me!

Everyone keeps asking what I get for being Employee of the Month, which made me chuckle (is being recognized just not enough?). I got a gift certificate to a local restaurant and am now eligible for Employee of the Year.

Hmm… What can I do to guarantee that I win Employee of the Year?

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  1. “What can I do to guarantee that I win Employee of the Year?” Buy some kneepads.

    Sorry for the sexual humor. With the numerous freakouts I’ve had the past week trying to finish my thesis, my mind is pretty spent.

  2. Phoenix

    I agree with Mike, there’s one sure-fire way to get EotY. :-O

    You just can’t have teeth like mine. :-[ If my girlfriend had teeth like these, I would have to break up with her.

  3. I guess you could just do like we talked about and find a new-fangled way to make your work a lot of money. Would be easier than buying kneepads. Although you do have very nice teeth 🙂

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