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When I made my resolutions for 2008 just over a month ago, I mentioned that Morah and I were going to stop watching T.V. altogether (with the one exception that Morah could watch the news in the morning). We decided to try the whole “no T.V.” thing out for a month and see how it went.

Right away, I felt great. The feeling of liberation and the realization that there’s so much more time in the day cannot be accurately described. I am pleased to report that we managed to make it the entire month without breaking our “television fast,” and that we plan to continue for the foreseeable future.

I should point out that we bent the rules a bit. When I originally set forth the challenge, I said that we would, “not watch T.V. after we get home from work.” And that’s exactly what we did. That meant that we could watch T.V. on the weekends, but the only shows we really like on the weekends are on for a couple of hours on Saturday morning, and one hour on Saturday night (what can I say? I love COPS). The rule also applied only to the television set itself, and not to the computer, which we used a number of times to watch T.V. shows.

I don’t count this as cheating because we weren’t slaves to the T.V. in order to watch. We were able to watch what we wanted when we wanted, and best of all, there were significantly fewer commercials (sometimes none). Really, there are probably at most a half a dozen shows that I’m interested in watching enough to do so online, and I think I can spare 5 or 6 hours a week (especially if I count those hours as free time).

Speaking of free time, we created a schedule and are attempting to adhere to it, although exercising has been difficult for me lately with all of the snow (getting to the exercise room across the street now requires 2 Sherpas and a dog sled team). Although we’ve been slipping lately, Morah and I agreed last night that we need to be more strict about following the schedule. When we’re on schedule, our apartment is cleaner, we’re more organized, and we’re able to enjoy our free time instead of stressing about what we could or should be doing instead.

I’ll have another resolution update at the beginning of July, if not sooner, but I wanted to let you know how living without T.V. has enriched our lives. It’s kind of funny: when I was in seventh grade, my teacher had a “Kill Your Television” bumper sticker hanging on the wall. It took over 13 years, but I’ve finally followed that advice. I should have listened sooner.

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