Nobody Wants Ann Coulter

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Ann Coulter: Free!

I saw this banner ad and thought, “now they’re trying to give Ann Coulter away? I guess nobody wants her.”

Free, huh? I’ll pass.

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  1. Tom D

    Sunday night Family Guy was right… uh… “up?” your alley.

    I hope you don;t mind me posting a video on your blog.

    EDIT: I removed the video. It wouldn’t have displayed anyway, since the object tag is not in the list of allowed tags for comments. Have a link? -TJB

  2. OMG!!!! Since you have her banner in your blog the actual banner is now also on the side! Ann Coulter is everywhere.

    So evil…..

  3. Wasn’t Ann Coulter the female character from the His Dark Materials series? (golden compass, etc.)

  4. Kiani

    Yes, Mrs. Coulter was a “bad” guy from His Dark Materials series. That was my first thought when I saw this other Coulter woman and learned who she was, I saw the irony.

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