Of Apples And Stupid People

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Have you seen the new apple ads? They’re trying to get people to switch from using PCs to using MACs. What the hell? They’re not that great for normal applications, folks. And PCs aren’t that difficult to use, either. I think the people they have on these ads are the same people from the infomercials that feature the world’s most inept people trying to do simple things like make pancakes or assemble Yaffa blocks (which, ironically, Morah was unable to do the other day. Well, they weren’t really Yaffa blocks and they weren’t very easy to put together, although the box said they were). Where do they find these people? It’s like, “Are you tired of doing anything that requires more than three brain cells? Buy our new product that does it for you!” These are the same people who can’t understand why the computer doesn’t work, but don’t realize that it’s not plugged in. These are the same people who are grateful for the instructions on how to open a carton of milk. My god, how inept can one person be that you don’t know how to make pancakes or fry a damn egg?

Anyway, I just wanted to say that the new apple ads look like an Errol Morris documentary.

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