On A Motherfucking Plane

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Ready for more Snakes on a Plane goodness?

I can’t believe I forgot to mention the funniest part of the entire movie; the crappy music video during the credits! Even though you can watch it on YouTube, you should still go see it on the big screen. I wish I could remember how Kris described this video. It was really funny. Something like, “Ooh, they walk toward the camera. Exciting.” Kris, help me out here.

So how did the much-anticipated opening weekend fare? Well, New Line is claiming an opening weekend gross of $15.2 million, which just barely squeaks past Talladega Nights for number one at the box office. But wait! $1.4 million of that is from Thursday night, so New Line had to “cheat” in order to have their film come out on top (this what’s known as “creative accounting”).

So, it’s as I thought. A mediocre movie gets a mediocre return (the film cost $35 million to produce).

No matter how poorly it does, there are still hard core fans who will never forget, even if they want to.

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  1. I hope he liked the movie, otherwise he’s gonna have a shitty life.

  2. “Man. This video is as exciting as Lord of the Rings. They walk, slowly, to their seats.” Flame away, Ring-heads.

  3. Tom Dineen

    Um, I admit I’m a lil on the hairy side, but DAMN THAT MO FO HAS SOME YETI LIKE FUR!!!!! just look at the shave line on his arm above the tatoo, I don’t think his shirt even touches his skin!!!!

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