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That word just about describes how I feel today. But you can’t say it fast, you have to sort of drag it out a bit, you know, make it sound gross. Ooblah. Yuck. I’m not sure why I feel the way I do. I’ve been drinking water all day. I thought it might be due to my lack of anything to eat, but when confronted with food I find myself unable to consume much more than several bites. So what the hell is it that makes me feel ooblah? Perhaps it’s the fact that all the water I’ve been drinking is tap water. See, in Hawaii, it’s okay to drink the tap water. Here in Washington, however, it’s apparently a mortal sin. Anyway, my point is that I’m used to living in Hawaii where tap water is safe for human consumption. I guess here in Washington (as with most places on the mainland) you’re not supposed to drink the tap water without running it through a Brita (and even then…).

I got to talk to Morah on the phone today. That was nice. She called me while I was trying to eat dinner for the first time (there were two attempts because the first was unsuccessful due to some rice). We were on the phone for almost an hour and talked about all sorts of stuff. That was a nice little surprise that I appreciated. The funny thing is, I had been thinking about calling her and surprising her. The only reason I haven’t yet is because of my throat. Stupid throat. I’m quite non-plussed by the slow rate at which my throat is healing. I had damn well better be able to eat real food by Saturday. Argle bargle.

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