Overheard on the Bus

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This morning on the bus, the driver and the only passenger by myself – a woman in her 60s – were having a conversation that went something like this:

Driver: “You know goths?”

Passenger: “Yeah.”

Driver: “Well, I couple of them got on and sat down in the elderly seating area. They talked to each other very quietly and didn’t cause any problems. An elderly woman got on and they offered her their seat, and I was like, whoa! That really opened my eyes about goths.”

I just chuckled to myself.

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  1. Goths are people too.

  2. Some of them are hot people!

  3. What you didn’t hear was the driver telling the other passenger about the blood bath he had to clean up after the goths slaughtered the poor elderly woman and ate her heart – not because they’re mean or anything…just because the wanted to feel something. 😉

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