Proximo Estacion: Esperanza

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I got the new Manu Chao album today. It’s pretty good. I wrote a CD review for Bolt, so hopefully they’ll use it. If they do, I’ll get a music reviewer award. Cheeky. If I can get four more badges, I’ll be in the top 10 for most badges. That would be kind of neat. Oh! I found out today that I might get a whole bunch of cool Moulin Rouge schwag from the movie theatre down the road. That would be boss as well. Not too much is going on here. It’s funny, I did a lot today, but nothing is really that interesting. My mom and sister got back from Canada tonight. Their plane was delayed several hours from what I hear. I don’t know when they were supposed to get in, but they didn’t get in until 23:15. I documented it all for ALLO. Well, off to bed, I suppose. Cruise!

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