Quantity vs. Quality

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I have been successful in writing a new post every day since early last month, which is nice in terms of quantity, but have the quality of the posts taken a hit a result?

Obviously, it’s hard for me to judge the quality of my own work. After all, I wrote it and doing so makes me close to it. I could turn to my Google Analytics, but what criteria do I use to judge? If I compare January 2009 to December 2008, I have increases in visits and pageviews, but if I compare January 2009 to January 2008, those same metrics have gone down (although by a smaller margin).

Word count isn’t an indicator. As we all know, the people who talk the most often say the least, and the most poignant axioms tend to be light on words.

The number of comments could almost be an indicator, but not every post is designed to foster conversation.

So before this post suffers from its own topic, I want to put the question to you, my readers. Have you been enjoying my posts lately? I haven’t felt desperate for topics, and I have managed to write about a number of topics that I’ve had on my mind, but I know from past experience the day will come when I just don’t have anything to say.

Have you liked the topics? Have you liked the pictures? Do you want fewer posts that are longer, or more posts that are shorter?

Quantity pic source.

Quality pic source.

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  1. I personally would like more posts with pictures of hot chicks in bikinis. If you do like twenty of those per day, you’ll have both quantity and quality!

    In all seriousness, I think your posts have been interesting, even the ones I don’t comment on.

    But yeah, more hot chicks in bikinis.

  2. Tom D.

    I have greatly enjoyed your increase in posting lately, and have found the topics to be fun and interesting. However, I am deeply hurt by the lack of recognition for my photographic contribution! (j/k)

  3. Hmm. I for one say post every day, but look who is saying that. ^_^

  4. Phil

    I agree with Mike. It’s just too bad, though, that the (ahem) chicks on the left are more my speed now than the chick on the right.

  5. I vote quality!

    Oh, you were talking about your blog posts.

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