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If you’re like most Americans, you have no idea what the Real ID Act is. Suffice to say, it’s bad stuff. How many more of civil liberties are we going to fork over in the name of security?

Über-security guru, Bruce Schneier, has a great article on what Real ID is all about, and why you should start to dislike it. To quote Schneier, “A national ID is a lousy security trade-off, and everyone needs to understand why.”

Despite concerted efforts, the Senate unanimously passed the bill. That’s right, a 100 to 0 vote for a bill that most of our senators hadn’t even read. What the hell were they thinking, you ask? Two things need to be understood. First, it’s well known that most senators don’t read the bills that they pass. Second, the Real ID Act was sneakily tucked into a larger bill, which provided funding for troops.

Okay, so now what can we do to fight it? Well, the last step here is for Bush to sign it into law, which is slated to happen on 12 May (I know, we don’t have much time). Can we raise our voices in protest fast enough? Would it even matter? Probably not. The Bush administration supports the Real ID act, despite Bush’s post 9/11 statement to the effect that we should not let terrorism to change America.

If (read: when) Bush does ink his John Hancock (who is surely one of hundreds turning over in their graves), you’ll have until sometime around May 2008 to move to another country; just don’t choose Canada or Mexico. That’s right, the Real ID Act has its grubby little paws all over our neighbors to the North =and= South.

Earlier I mentioned that Bruce Schneier’s article about Real ID. A while back I listened to an interview with Schneier wherein he challenged our nation’s security practices. A quote from the interview states, “More people are killed every year by pigs than by sharks, which shows you how good we are at evaluating risk.” It’s an excellent look at how, “people make bad security trade-offs when they’re scared,” and how risk management breaks down because, “the system didn’t fail in the way the designers expected.” A must-hear for every American. Hell, for every citizen of the world.

Looks like I’ll be moving to England after all. Care to join me?

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  1. >Looks like I’ll be moving to England after all. Care to join me?

    Sorry, I’ll be going to Amsterdam. 🙂 England is too expensive.

  2. Whatever, you just want to smoke out. -)

  3. Rob

    Hate to say it man, but I’m with Phoenix on this one. Amsterdam has some of the best personal liberties of anywhere (other than what we USED to have here).

  4. Perhaps when England’s policies begin to mirror those of the U.S., I’ll come join you guys. Until then, it’s the U.K. for me.

  5. >Whatever, you just want to smoke out. -)

    Yes, you clearly know me very well. 😉 Are you sure you’re not confusing me with … with … Trevor? Trent? Travis? That dude, you know the one I’m talking about, man. Not Chad. Yeah, there was me, Chad, Berta, David Duchovny, and Trey. Troy? Man, have you ever really looked at your hands? I mean REALLY looked at them?

    What were we just talking about?

    /sorry, half-baked idea, I know…

    Honestly, Birmingham does look pretty good too… I could go either way.

    The question now is…how?

  6. Oh my god Phoenix, I love you so much. If had been drinking my milk while I was reading that, it would be all over my keyboard right now.

    David Duchovny? That’s how you remember Brooke? And after you licked her foot, as well…

    And yeah, I think his name is Trevor. If Kris reads this, perhaps he’ll be able to weigh in. Wait, don’t you have Penthouse Live! on DVD?

    As for leaving the U.S., I’ve been looking into it a little bit. I have no idea how you become a citizen of another country, but as I said before, we have until around May 2008 to do it.

  7. Go back and look at a picture of Brooke, and a picture of David Duchovny, side by side, and tell me you don’t see it too.

    Yeah, it was definitely Trevor. Everybody loves magical Trevor cause the tricks that he does are ever so clever… that’s stuck in my head….(heads over to promising himself that he’ll just listen to it once and go to bed, it’s 1am!)

    Don’t count on having so much time. It wasn’t so long ago that it was much easier to become a Canadian citizen than it is now. I would imagine that the U.S. government is taking steps to stop the hemorrhaging.

    If I spoke the language, my first choice would be, ironically, France, where personal freedoms are still a priority. Freedom Fries indeed, how prophetic.

    I just had total deja vu while I typed that. I think I should go to sleep, since I have work tomorrow (Sunday). 🙁

  8. Actually, I wouldn’t mind France either. Morah speaks a little French, and I know some of what I’ve heard Eddie Izzard do. We’d totally make it. -)

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