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RSS already has a couple of popular meanings (Really Simple Syndication and RDF Site Summary), but now I’m out to add another one. Really Slick Stuff. I love this whole RSS thing! Now when I visit sites I like, I take the time to poke around for a feed, which isn’t always as easy as it should be. Most sites (mine for example), proudly wear the RSS/XML button as a badge of honour. In other words, you can’t miss it. But some sites (such as have their RSS links buried (after much searching I finally found a link at the bottom of the page that took me to another page, where I was able to choose the feeds I was interested in). It’s worth it, however, when one finds a gem like this:

“Also, in many places — San Francisco, for example — Segways aren’t exactly welcomed. The city banned the use of the machines on its sidewalks even before they were publicly available. The scooters are banned from Disney theme parks; many European countries; and public streets, parks and sidewalks in New York City.” [SOURCE]

As many of you may know, I’m not such a fan of the Segway, having previously lambasted it a number of times in this blog.

Another particularly interesting article I found on was this one:

“Women who use the injected contraceptive Depo-Provera have a higher rate of sexually transmitted diseases, U.S. researchers reported.

This holds true even when behavior and other factors are taken into account, the research team at the National Institutes of Health, University of North Carolina and Johns Hopkins University found.

More study is needed, but it is possible that Depo-Provera itself causes a susceptibility to STDs, said Charles Morrison of Family Health International in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, who led the study.” [SOURCE]

So that’s bad news for everyone on Depo, but even Viagra may not be safe, either:

“Viagra not all ups: San Francisco has petitioned federal regulators to warn that the anti-impotence drugs like Viagra use could increase the risk of sexually transmitted disease and HIV, officials said.

The request to the Food and Drug Administration earlier this month is a response to recreational use of Viagra among gay men who use it to enhance performance during promiscuous sex.

“The predominant problem that we see in San Francisco is that widespread use among gay men with multiple partners,” said the director of sexually transmitted disease prevention at the city’s health department.” [SOURCE]

So what about my site and RSS? Well, as I mentioned previously, I’m using an aggregator called Amphetadesk. One of the cool things about this program (apart from its ease of use and cross-platform capabilities) is its ability to be skinned. I am even now working on an ALLO-themed skin that I will likely make available for download.

I also took the liberty of setting up a system of letting users know which links may take them to sites with “questionable content” on them. Underneath the calendar to the left is a handy “colour key” that lets you know which links are work-safe and which links you should avoid clicking on until you’re somewhere a little more private. I hope that in the future this helps prevent users from accidentally visiting sites they probably shouldn’t while they’re at work (sorry, Ben).

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