Recognizing the importance of Christmas and the Christian faith

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Does the House honestly not have anything better to do than pass bullshit resolutions like this one?

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  1. At work we have a little flyer that breaks down the world’s “diversity” and it makes it look as though the majority of the world is not in fact Christian, which is why we keep a couple of the Spokane stores open on Christmas day. I’ll write down the numbers and post here tomorrow. It’s amazing they way people use numbers to propagate their agendas.

  2. Tom D

    Is this a bi-partisan resolution? I’ll look through the names of the sponsors later after work, but you have to wonder…

  3. Tom D

    Ok, so I didn’t ,look up every name of all the sponsors, but it looks like it’s pretty much an all red group, surprise, surprise.

  4. “it makes it look as though the majority of the world is not in fact Christian”

    It makes it look that way? It is that way. Here is a page with a nice pie-chart on it.

    Christians = 33%, so two thirds of the world’s population is not, in fact, Christian.

    (Sidenote: I just love the way they separate Atheists from Non-religious. That makes total sense!)

  5. That was a typo on my part Phoenix. The point I was making was that the majority of the world is not Christian. I think I started to type it that way and didn’t remember to delete the “not” in the sentence, when I changed it. Or i was thinking that sentence in my head when I was writing, either way I was up late finishing my term paper and my eyes were not that keen this morning. Please find in you heart to forgive such huge mistake. If I had meant that the majority of the world was Christian that the bit about the stores being open on Christmas day wouldn’t make sense. If the world was mostly Christian then we would all probably get the day off with little to no complaints. But since most of the world is indeed not Christian, people they like to be able to go to the store on the 25th day of December, just like they like to go the store on the 25th day of any month.

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