Resolution Revelations

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I’ve been meaning to write this entry for a couple of weeks now, but for a number of reasons, never got around to it. So before I put it off yet again, here is an update on my 2006 New Year’s Resolutions.

Eat right – Life change. That’s what I said about my eating habits back in January. Until recently, things didn’t change much. We still tried to stick to what the South Beach diet taught us, but you know as well as I that old habits die hard. In early June, I found out about a guy who lost 30 pounds in three months by keeping a spreadsheet and making small changes to his eating habits. No restrictive dieting, no exercising, just careful monitoring. Reading through the posts on his blog about what he did, it made a lot of sense and seemed simple enough. So, a few weeks ago, Morah and I decided to try it. Progress has been slow, but I have lost a bit of weight. Couple that with the fact that I exercise more frequently (more on that later), and I’m really feeling good about this. After all, I can eat whatever I want (on the first day, we had delivery pizza for dinner), I just have to watch how much of it I eat. I wrote (read: am still writing) a PHP program that helps us keep track of our eating habits, and we’re starting to get better at correctly guessing how much of what we can eat. If you’re trying to lose weight, I highly recommend reading Jeremy’s blog entries (there are only four or five of them) and making those small, simple changes. Life changes.

Work out more frequently – In January, I mentioned that I tended to work out very sporadically. That was still the case until a few months ago, when our elliptical machine broke. Then I stopped working out altogether. We bought the extended warranty on it (one of the few times I’ve ever actually done that), which got us all of our money back (all of it, no questions asked. That was pretty sweet). After we dumped it off at donated it to Goodwill (hey, it still works. The frame just needs welding), I got a key to exercise room at our flats (they said they’d tell us when it was done. They never told us). Now I exercise more often. Ideally, I exercise six days a week, but it’s usually five at the most. Still, I’ve been getting up early in the morning and exercising, which is working out really well. The morning is a lot easier than the afternoon for me. When I come home from work, the last thing I want to do is go work out, but first thing in the morning, I’m full of energy.

Floss my teeth – I haven’t thought of the children. What I really need to do is visit a dentist.

Do my traction – I still use my block and wedge at work and I still don’t do my traction at home. I set an alarm on my phone to go off daily so that I would remember to do it, but now, when the alarm rings, I just turn it off and go back to what I was doing. I really need to find a better way of reminding myself.

Save money – I’m trying to pay for a wedding. In Hawaii. I think I’ll have to put this one on hold until next year.

Drink more water – Remember how I said that I always have a water bottle at work? As it turns out, having the bottle at my desk and full of water inspires me to drink. It’s a 1 litre bottle and sometimes I drink two of them. I almost always drink over 1 litre a day, and often, over the course of the day, I’ll drink more than 2 litres. That’s not bad for someone who never used to drink water. You know what really helps? Kool-Aid. If you buy the sugar free Kool-Aid and make it with Splenda, the total amount of calories in it is zero. That really, really helps.

Use my electric toothbrush – Done and done. As I mentioned in January, I put my old toothbrush in a drawer to train myself to use the electric one. Well, it worked. So well, in fact, that my old toothbrush is now out of the drawer and back in the holder. I have little to no temptation to use it. Pretty much the only time I do use it is when we go on trips, and even then, sometimes I bring the electric toothbrush. Say goodbye to this resolution, it’s the last time you’ll see it.

Get caught up – Not by a long shot. In fact, I’m even further behind. Perhaps I can combine my traction and my magazines into the same time. Sort of a, “do your traction and read a magazine” sort of thing. I am going to stop listening to a few of my podcasts; one of them is fairly repetitive, one of them doesn’t apply to me much anymore, and a bunch of them have ceased production. I have been listening to podcasts while I work out, which is helping me to get up there. Hopefully it won’t take too long, especially since it’s the summer and there’s nothing good on TV.

Stay caught up – See above.

Build my business – I’ll give you one guess about how well this is going. As usual, procrastination won and I haven’t done much. It also turns out that one of my “really great ideas on how to make money” was not as feasible as it first seemed. I know I need to get moving on this, but I’m at a difficult stage: I need to change the name of the company. See, Minimum Wage Productions is what I always imagined I would call my company. Even back in high school, that was the plan. So, when I started my web design, video, audio, print, et cetera company, I called it Minimum Wage Productions. No surprise there, right? I recently decided that I wanted to focus primarily on web design, with (perhaps) a little print and graphic design, and stop doing video and audio production altogether. If you heard the name Minimum Wage Productions, would you think web design? Probably not, and neither would I. So now what the hell do I call it? I have a few ideas rattling around in my brain, so hopefully I can come up with something soon. As usual, I’ll keep you posted.

And there you have it. My 2006 mid-way update. I’m proud that I’ve made some strides in the right direction. Now if I could just get off my lazy butt and do some of the other stuff…

So how are everyone’s resolution going? Have you been able to do what you wanted?

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  1. Dianne

    Wasn’t there a resolution about having a physical? What happened to that one.

  2. Nope. You can even go back and check. I was wondering how long it would take you to bug me about that.

  3. I resolved to make a resolution, but I haven’t done it yet.

  4. Tom Dineen

    I resolved to have more resolve this year, but I’m not to sure about it anymore.

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