Resolutions: 2005 Wrap-Up and 2006 Pledges

closePlease note: This post was published over a year ago, so please be aware that its content may not be quite so accurate anymore. Also, the format of the site has changed since it was published, so please excuse any formatting issues.

I had meant to do this back on Sunday, but I’ve been so busy (see infra) that I haven’t had a chance until now.

Back at the beginning of last year, I wrote a rather passionate post declaring my resolutions for 2005. In July, I posted an update on those resolutions, and admitted that I hadn’t been as… Successful as I had hoped.

Now that the year is over, not much has changed. I still don’t eat as well as I had hoped; I’ve had a few spurts where I exercise daily, but I always find some excuse to stop; I haven’t flossed since… Well, probably since I wrote that last post; from time to time, I do my traction and I still use my block at work, but it pretty much ends there; and I haven’t made any significant strides toward saving money.

For 2006, my old resolutions still apply and I’ve added a couple of new ones. I’ll go through the old ones first:

Eat right – Life change. I have to keep reminding myself of that. It’s not a diet; diets are interstitial. They’re something you do for a period of time in an attempt to reach your target weight, and when you quit the diet, you return to your bad habits and, often times, gain back all the weight. I need to eat the right foods and the right amounts of foods. Much like many Americans, I know I have a problem with portion control. I must be conscious of how much I’m eating and strive to eat less. Morah and I have been eating out a lot lately and we really need to stop. Most restaurants serve too-large portions and, depending on where we eat, the food tends to be greasy as opposed to healthy. Life change. Life change.

Work out more frequently – Not just more frequently, but regularly. During my spurts, I would usually feel really great for a few days and actually look forward to working out. Then, inevitably, I would come up with an excuse why I didn’t need to work out for one day. One day would become two days, then three, then, “I’ll start up again next week,” and soon the elliptical machine would resume its second life as a coat rack. I guess we’ll just have to find a new place to hang our coats.

Floss my teeth – Think of the children.

Do my traction – Using my block at work simply isn’t enough. Granted, it’s helped a lot, but there’s just no substitute for traction. I’ve been wanting to keep the traction equipment in the living room so that we see it and remember to do it, but Morah doesn’t want to (I guess it’s unsightly or something). Sod that, I’m sick of neither of us remembering. I’ve invested far too much money into my back to =not= do my traction.

Save money – Honestly, how do people do it? I asked Morah and she pointed out that a lot of people don’t, and that at least we’re not in debt. Good point. I think a large part of the problem is that we go out to eat a lot. Last year, there was a span of a couple of months where I was going to McDonalds a lot (have I mentioned I work right next door to one?). Oh sure, I never spent more than five dollars, but even if you spend three dollars a day, that’s almost a hundred dollars by the end of the month! The little things really do add up, so you can’t say, “oh, it’s only a few dollars,” because it’s not. The other major fund-sucker is the car. Just last month we spent… I don’t know, how much we spent on the car, but it was a lot. Too much. All the money I had been saving up and was about to transfer into the wedding account went toward paying for the car instead. It’s just one damn thing after another. On the up-side, Morah has been working full-time, so we’re never really in trouble.

Drink more water – Have you seen those Aquafina commercials where everyone is singing, “Drink! Drink!” and pounding back Aquafina water? They got me thinking that I should drink more water. This is something that I’ve been thinking about doing for years, and have actually sort of started to do (I always have a water bottle at work). Water is not only really good for your body, but it acts as a filler, so if you’re trying to lost weight and you’re hungry all the time, drink water! By the way, bottled water is usually not as clean as tap water. Filtered tap water is usually your safest bet.

Use my electric toothbrush – I asked for this for… Was it Christmas? My birthday? I can’t even remember. What I can remember is that I really wanted one and my parents got it for me. Anyway, we’ve had this thing since we were living in Cheney and I’ve barely used it. When we first got it, I used it quite a bit, then I slowly used it less and less. Lately, I haven’t been using it at all. I’ve already taken steps to help ensure that use it more frequently, by putting my regular toothbrush in a drawer. So far, it’s working.

Get caught up – I’m so behind on so many things. We have magazine subscriptions to WIRED, Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. I haven’t read any of the three for months, possibly even a year now. We spend money on these, so I really should be making it worth my while (especially WIRED, what a kick-ass magazine). I’m also starting to fall behind on my podcasts. I listen to three podcasts, which have about a show a week each, but lately I haven’t found the time to listen. As Merlin Mann suggested in his 43 Folders podcast (which I also listen to and so should you), I need to take a media day. Perhaps I can also set aside one hour every day for reading magazines or listening to podcasts.

Stay caught up – Because otherwise, what’s the point of getting caught up?

Build my business – As some of you know, I recently (officially) started my business. It’s predominately a web design business, but I can also do audio, video, graphic, print, et cetera. I have some really great ideas on how to make money, but I have a hard time coming home from work, only to go to work again. Regardless, with money being tight, I need two jobs, so getting the company launched is one of my top priorities. I’ll be sure to announce the official kickoff when it happens.

And that’s it. Not too hard, is it? Some of the resolutions will be easier than others, some of them I’m already working toward, and some of them will challenge me like nothing else I’ve ever done in my life. Say it with me, “life change. Life change. Life change.”

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  1. Dianne Brown

    Life change. Life change. Life change.

  2. Do you budget? My resolution is to stick to a budget this year–at least in spirit, like if I budget $20 a month for school supplies and spend it all this month on my books–that is what I planned from the beginning.

    Just thinking about those Aquafina commercials makes me thirsty. And I love the deionized goodness of Aquafina but bottled water isn’t part of the budget.

  3. I really should budget more things. I’ve been thinking about setting up, at the very least, an entertainment budget. That way we can still be social, but we won’t break the bank doing it.

    I’ll have to discuss it with Morah this weekend and see what we can come up with.

  4. Dianne Brown

    If you want me to help you set up a budget or a spreadsheet on excel to track your expenses, let me know.

  5. On the dietary front I suggest reading this book if you haven’t already:

    Eat, Drink, and Be Healthy:

    The Harvard Medical School Guide to Healthy Eating – isbn: 0743223225

    M.D. Walter Willett

    It is available at the Perry library. This book made a big impression on me and helped me change my eating habits.


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