Resolutions for 2008

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Happy new year, everyone! Back in January, I made some resolutions for 2007, and in July I gave you an update on how I was doing. Now I’ll review 2007’s resolutions and give you my updated list for 2008.

Eat right – While the holidays have taken their toll as of late, I have manged to stay on track with this resolution for the most part. With the winter celebrations behind us, I’m planning to give greater focus to what – and how much – I eat. Counting calories worked really well for me in the past, so I’m going to start doing it again using my CountCals website. If anyone would like a membership to the site, let me know and I can hook you up (for free!).

Work out more frequently – You know how you decide to do things with good intentions, but then never really get around to it? Yeah, that’s pretty much what happened here. I am determined to lose weight, and I know that the only way to do it is to work out. I just hate the idea of going to a gym, which makes me think that even if I did purchase a membership, I wouldn’t make use of it. I did some of Morah’s videos for a little while, and although I liked them, the exercise ball I have sucks. Plus, our apartment is too small for both of us to effectively work out in at the same time. On top of all that is the fact that I prefer to work out in the morning. I don’t mind waking up earlier, I just don’t want to wake Morah up. I don’t know, I’ll figure something out and try to get back onto some sort of a schedule.

Floss my teeth – I haven’t flossed in months, so obviously I blew it again this year. I think what might help for some of these resolutions would be to create a schedule; something along the lines of, “at 8pm, I will do my traction, floss, and brush my teeth.” That would help keep me from snacking before I go to bed, and it would help create a routine, which would hopefully just become second nature.

Do my traction – Same as flossing: I did it for a little while, bit haven’t done it lately. It’s especially important that I take care of my back right now, since I don’t have my new medical insurance yet. As I said above, I think the key is to create an evening routine.

Save money – Morah and I have done a fantastic job of this. In fact, we’ve done so good of a job that we’re talking seriously about house-shopping. Obviously this is an ongoing goal, but I think the basic purpose of this resolution has been met, so I’m taking it off the list!

Get caught up & stay caught upSome progress has been made in this area, but overall I’m still behind. Remember that 3 foot tall stack of magazines that were a couple of years old that I “needed” to read? Well, a couple of weeks ago, in a moment of clarity, I looked at the magazines and thought, “those are all two or three years old. Anything in them is going to be really out of date. I haven’t picked one up in almost a year. Why don’t I just throw them away?” And that’s exactly what I did (actually, I recycled them). It was a fantastic feeling. I didn’t know what I was missing, but I honestly didn’t care. So now I’d like to apply the same principle to the television. With the writer’s strike going on, now is the perfect time to stop watching T.V. altogether. After all, if we don’t know what we’re missing, are we really missing anything at all? When Morah gets home from work, I’m going to propose a month-long experiment: let’s not watch T.V. after we get home from work. I know Morah likes to watch the news in the morning, and I have to admit that it’s sometimes useful for finding out what’s going on around town, but after work, everything is reruns (or stupid). Let’s read books or clean up the apartment, or exercise, or do something more productive than sitting around on the couch!

Build my business – Progress has pretty much stalled since July. I have a prospect sheet, I have a to do list, but what I don’t have is time. It seems like there’s always something else that’s stealing my attention, and since I have a full-time job, building my little side business isn’t that high of a priority for me. Which is stupid, since my business pays me more than twice what my full-time job pays me. If I ever want my business to be my full-time job, I need to get cracking! Perhaps when I create my schedule, I can include some time to work on developing the company.

Work on my personal websites – The biggest change on the face of ALLO this year was the addition of revenue-generating content. I made a number of “behind the scenes” changes that improved things a bit, and I have plenty more of those planned. My personal sites have been ignored a lot this year, but I recently starting developing some updates for ALLO, and I’d like to delegate‘s updates to Morah (who is much better at that sort of thing than I am).

Get outside – This is a new one for 2008. I spend far too much time behind the computer, and that probably contributes to my lethargy. Even if it’s just a post-prandial walk around the neighborhood, getting outside once in a while will do me a world of good. It’s not like I don’t have plenty of excuses; Morah and I have rockets we could launch (which I love doing), we both have bikes, we both enjoy hiking and camping, and we live in the Northwest! What more could we ask for?

Buy a house – By the end of 2008, I want to be living in a house. Need I say more?

Do more urban exploration – This is something that I’ve always been interested in, and after going on a couple of UE adventures, I’m hooked. My mother-in-law got me an LED headlamp for Christmas, which will be perfect for exploring the nooks and crannies of… Well, pretty much everything. I’ve already started taking mental notes about some of the buildings around Spokane, and I’ve even done a little impromptu exploring (usually by walking down a hallway that looks interesting).

“Life change, life change, life change.”

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  1. Hallways are the best way to start urban exploration. One time I walked down a hallway and I got to the other side. Crazy, I know.

    Lets do our movie party this weekend. What say you?

    AND MAN, I had one hell of a night last night. Thank goodness I called actual people and not something crazy like call the Livejournal voice post number or my parents. Both of which I have done a plethora of times.

  2. Brynna

    Two birds with one stone: urban exploration and going outside. Well, until you’re inside the building. Hiking is great, that’s what me and Scott do.

    Working out: that’s my big one. I have a hard time sticking to it. So, you’re not alone. However a gym membership may be a good thing especially if its a little pricey. You’ll feel guilty if you don’t use it (throwing money away) so maybe its the motivation you need…although I don’t recommend guilt as a motivation.

    Anyways, baby steps is my main advice. Don’t try to change drastically all at once. Take issues and break them down realistically. Example: I want to be so buff!! I will work out all the time!!11!

    Reality: I will go the gym 3 times a week. Not even every day. Just 3 times a week, an hour a visit.

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