Resolutions for 2009

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This post is a little late, but in keeping with last year (and the year before that, and the year before that, all of which started in 2005), here’s a list of my resolutions for 2009, as well as a wrap-up on how I did in 2008.

Eat right – This one has been with me for a while. In fact, I first set this goal in 2005! For 4 years, I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to eat right, so has it happened yet? Overall, yes. Morah and I have become significantly more aware of what we eat and how much we’re eating.

In July I talked about always finding excuses not to count calories. There was always some big meal in the near future that I didn’t want messing up my average. Eventually, I realized how stupid it was to worry about a big meal every once in a while, and started counting my calories again. I recently stopped because I was hovering around the same weight. That’s one thing I’ve come to learn about counting calories: it will only get you so far. After a certain point, you have to work out in order to lose weight.

Work out more frequently – So clearly, I haven’t been working out recently. This is a real shame, since I was doing extremely well earlier in the year. I would work out 4 or 5 days a week for 45 minutes or so each time. I was losing weight and getting into better shape.

In July I said that I was confident I could continue, and I would have continued had Morah and I not bought a house. That really messed with my ability to work out, because now I don’t have access to the weight set and elliptical machine I was using. We have some dumbbells and some cardio videos, but I’ve never really been a fan of that stuff. Still, I don’t have a lot of options (let’s not get into the whole gym thing), and my high school reunion is in June…

Floss my teeth – O.K., I haven’t been doing this. Need I say more? Can we move on now? Fine, I resolve to get into the habit of flossing. There. Happy?

Do my traction – Yeah, here’s another one I missed. Let’s lump it in with flossing my teeth.

Get caught up & stay caught up – While I have managed to get caught up a little bit, Google Reader has added a whole new level of difficulty to reaching this goal. Everyone once in a while I go through the list and un-star stories I’m no longer interested in reading, but even after doing that, I still have over 500 stories to read, some from 2007.

Moving has been both a blessing and a curse. Even though we moved back in October, we still have some stuff in boxes. That said, as we unpack, we tend to find things we don’t want anymore and add them to a garage sale/Goodwill pile.

I’m still working on my digital decluttering, which has been going fairly well overall. My old Windows machine is organized and ready to be backed up, although I still have to go through the files and decide what to keep and what to delete forever. I did manage to whittle down my e-mail, however, and I have been diligent to keep my inbox as empty as possible.

Build my business – My business continues to grow slowly, and this upcoming year will be slower for reasons I will explain in a different blog post. The bottom line is that I still have my goals in place, and some exciting things are happening for me. The next 12 months will be very interesting, to say the least. In the meantime, I can build my infrastructure and work on some personal projects.

Work on my personal websites – Notice how the masthead is the same one from January? Yeah, sorry about that. I kept meaning to change it, but I never quite managed to find the time. I’m working on a new one and hope to have it done in a few days.

Get outside – Well, it’s winter, so I’ve been getting outside to shovel the driveway (have you seen how long our driveway is? I’m buying a snow blower in September). Other than that, I still stay indoors a lot. Working downtown and riding the bus help a little, but I’d rather be doing fun things outside. I’m telling you, when I’m working for myself, 2 hour lunches are going to be the norm.

Buy a house – Success! On October 7th, Morah and I officially became homeowners. We love our house, and I love that I can cross something off the list.

Do more urban exploration – This one suffers from the same problems plaguing the “get outside” resolution. When I find time to get outside, I’ll try to find time to get inside old buildings and stuff.

Have a kid – Whoa, right? I know, it kind of freaks me out too, but let’s face it, I’m going to be 10 years past my sexual prime in May. Morah and I have always tried to be responsible about becoming parents (or not becoming parents, as the case has been), but we’re ready now. Step 1: get married. Step 2: buy house. Step 3: have kid. I’m still nervous as hell about being responsible for the well-being of another human, but I guess any resolution that involves lots of sex can’t be too bad, right?

“Life change, life change, life change.”

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  1. I admire your effort to get caught up and stay caught up, but I truly believe it is a futile endeavor for anyone. But the effort is what’s important.

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