RIP: Carol Lafferty

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My aunt Carol recently passed away and is being laid to rest this afternoon.

Death is often described as having a “terrible swiftness.” Though that is often not the case, the sudden passing of a loved one can feel untimely.

When it took her life, it took my words. Even now, I am unsure what to say; unsure if I should publish what I am writing. I fear that my words may seem a unwelcome contrast to society’s delicate fallacy surrounding death.

When a man leads a great and important life, many are prepared to speak to his honour. What do you say about the person who led a quiet, unassuming life?

I suppose you say that you loved them, despite their faults. That it’s too bad you couldn’t visit them more often, though you know it could have been helped. You say that just as the flapping of a butterfly’s wings can cause a tornado, great, too, can be the effect of one person upon another.

Today, let us all pause to remember that death comes to all things. That although the path through life is never clear, the path to death is, for every living thing, a straight line. Though sudden, death is not something to be regarded as unexpected. And most of all, that in death, there is life, as families come together and share their love.

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  1. Mom & Grandma

    Thanks for the beautiful words. Grandma and I really appreciate it. You brought tears to my eyes.

    Love mom and grandma

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