Saturday, Bloody Saturday

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Before I forget again, I wanted to mention that I never understood how people could sleep through their alarms. I often wear earplugs when I sleep and I’ve never slept through my alarm for more than a minute. It probably helps that I have Morah next to me so she can elbow me until I wake up and turn it off, but there have been plenty of times when she wasn’t around.

You’ll understand, then, that I was rather taken aback this past Thursday when I woke up to my alarm going off, only to see that I had slept through about thirty-four minutes of it. That’s right, my alarm had been going off for over half an hour before I finally woke up and turned it off.

Talk about a crappy way to start your day, huh?

Saturday was an odd day. A whole bunch of crappy stuff happened (see infra), but enough good things happened that it balanced out to be an “average” day. Not good, not bad, just a balance of the two.

Morah’s mum and sister were in town visiting. Good. This is her sister’s last visit before she moves to Colorado. Bad. We had Quiznos for lunch. Good. The restaurant smelled like a zoo. Bad. We got to go to World Market (and, of course, bought stuff). Good. That night, I accidentally cut my finger with a knife while cutting a bagel. Bad. At Starbucks, the (hot) girl made my frappuccino perfectly. Good. We got pulled over on the way home (one of the headlamps was out). Bad. We went to the park and rode the carousel. Good. Morah visited her ex-fiance Bob in the hospital (nothing tragic happened, he was in for a long-awaited kidney transplant (he got the kidney from his current girlfriend)) and the visit made her really uncomfortable. Bad.

There were other things that all added up to a mediocre day.

To leave things on a happier note, this is super funny.

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