Scientology Shocker

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I just watched The Daily Show’s report on Scientology. In the report, they name some of the celebrities who… Believe in the… Religion. Hmm.

Anyway, I was shocked, shocked to learn that most of the female celebs named are ones on whom I have a crush. The chick from Dharma & Greg? The chick from JAG? Say it isn’t so!

Alas, further proof that beautiful != pretty.

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  1. At least we don’t have to worry about Scarlett Johannsen. Apparently, one of the reasons she dropped out of Mission:Impossible 3 is because Tom Cruise tried to convert her to Scientology. And I always thought the Dharma and Greg chick was a buddhist. Maybe that was just her character on the show.

  2. Keke

    How can someone who is into scientology play a Buddhist? Isnt that wrong for them in a way?

  3. I think it’s similar to doing sex scenes or kissing scenes with someone who isn’t your significant other. Like we always say, “anything for the craft!”

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