Secular Sunday IV – The 50 Least Religious Countries

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Sweden tops the list of the 50 least religious countries with up to 85% of the population identifying themselves as atheist, agnostic, or non-believer in God (Sweden’s population is almost 9 million).

The United States is number 44 on the list, with a paltry 3-9% atheist, agnostic, or non-believer (our population is almost 300 million).

It was also interesting to note the conclusions made by this study:

Based on a careful assessment of the most recent survey data available, we find that somewhere between 500,000,000 and 750,000,000 humans currently do not believe in God.

Given the above estimates, we can deduce that there are approximately 58 times as many atheists as there are Mormons, 41 times as many atheists as there are Jews, 35 times as many atheists as there are Sikhs, and twice as many atheists as there are Buddhists. Finally, nonbelievers in God as a group come in fourth place after Christianity (2 billion), Islam (1.2 billion), and Hinduism (900 million) in terms of global ranking of commonly-held belief systems.

Seriously? Fourth most commenly-held belief system? That really changes things! I think we (non-theists) have grown slightly hopeless as of late, especially in this country. All of the reports I’ve read lately suggest that atheism, although it’s gaining traction, doesn’t have the numbers to affect much change. But if this study is true, then atheists have an even better chance at affecting change than even the Mormons!

Looks like there’s some light at the end of this long, dark tunnel. The two things we need to do now are: Convince all atheists, agnostics, and non-believers to proclaim their non-faith (many are still afraid to do so); and begin converting theists to atheists in the United States.

Door to door seems to work for the Mormons, so grab your best friend and a copy of The Origin of Species and start knocking on doors.

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