Secular Sunday V – Your holy water is a terror threat

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I laughed out loud when I read this article about French police confiscating holy water from pilgrims at the airport in Lourdes.

The Vatican has a new service to shuttle pilgrims from Rome to Lourdes and back. While in Lourdes, the pilgrims collected holy water in little plastic Virgin Mary bottles, which they attempted to bring with them on the plane. Unsurprisingly, the French police wouldn’t let them bring the water on board the plane (apparently other countries are just as liquid-mad as the United States). As a result, the deadly liquid disposal bin by the security checkpoint was filled with dozens of tiny plastic bottle in the shape of the Madonna.

My favorite part of the story, and the line that made me laugh out loud, is that many of the, “passengers asked the police how they could be foolhardy enough to throw away the miraculous water.”

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  1. lol

    yeah, i read that story too. european airports became liquid-crazy a while ago thanks to the U.S.

    btw: one of the vatican pilgrims reportedly drank his holy water. downed it in one big gulp. love that…

  2. boo

    That is funny. Maybe the vatican could supply some litmus strips so the water could be tested for explosives.

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